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Welcome to Mindset Matters Hub, your destination for discovering the power of human psychology to thrive in life and work.

At Mindset Matters Hub, we believe in the transformative potential of understanding and harnessing the intricacies of the human mind. With a focus on evidence-based strategies and practical insights, we provide individuals and businesses with the tools they need to navigate challenges, build resilience, and achieve peak performance.

Founded by Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts and led by a growing team of passionate psychologists and experts in the field, Mindset Matters Hub offers a wealth of resources tailored to your unique needs. From our acclaimed newsletter and podcast to specialised courses, masterclasses and resources, we’re committed to empowering you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Join us on this journey of discovery and growth as we explore the fascinating intersection of psychology, mindset, and success.

Welcome to Mindset Matters Hub, where mindset truly matters!

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About Our Founder

In March 2020, amidst a global pandemic, Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts launched the Mindset Matters newsletter on LinkedIn, providing insights, tips and strategies to thrive in uncertainty. Fast forward, and today it’s grown to 700,000 subscribers.

With over 5 million learners taking her courses on LinkedIn Learning, she’s dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering others to thrive. And if you’re ready to take your mindset to the next level, Dr Roberts’s book, “Mindset Matters” will be your guide. Dive into research-backed strategies to navigate change, foster resilience, and lead your business and build a thriving team.

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